Hello! I'm Reidar Pritzel and I'm studying my third year of a BFA in Visual Communication at Beckmans Collage of Design in Stockholm, Sweden. My main interests are digital design, typography and print media. But I'm also an illustration and photography enthusiast. In my spare time I like to take care of my plants and my new found interest in ironining my shirts.




Mutter is a display typeface with legibility in mind. With 50° and 70° diagonals as one of its key components. This is my first attempt to create a more serious typeface and a way for me to learn more about the design process behind it. Along the way I have tried to implement what I have learned about legibility.

In german “Mutter” means mother and in Swedish the meaning is screw-nut. As a half german the word have both meanings to me. It became a natural name since both words embodies the inspiration for the typeface. Mutter got its square shape from the angular form of a screw-nut. The inspiration from my mom does not come from her being square, but that she is the opposite of that – full of energy, in motion and close to laughter. Mutter is created from this foundation, a typeface with a smile and a strong appearance.

The project is a work in progress and more glyphs are added regularly. If you want to use it, contact me and we will find a way! Try Mutter down below!

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The dog awakes and invites the fox for a cup of coffee and after a little chat they become friends.

The #¥@&%! End.


Colori is a color application designed to make color schemes easier and more effective through its tools.

Since I started working with photography and later visual communication, color has always been a central part of my practice. Colori is my take on how my dream color application would be designed. For the graphic identity I envisioned the app as a grey box to let the colors be central.

The applications lets you choose between different color spaces CMYK, HSB, RGB, and NCS and gives you the color codes for them. The appliction also provides you with swatches to be used in Adobe Applications.


Tangents is a music magazine for digital natives. Translating the way we navigate the web to printed matter. A magazine that aims to combine seemingly different music related topics by proposing how they connect with each other. 

The magazine's look is heavily inspired by traditional large format newspapers like The New York Times. In contrast, through eliminating headlines and blurring the start- and endpoints of the pieces, the layout allows the reader to move through articles, quotes, forum posts and inter­views in a non-hierarchical way. 

The result is a more internet-inspired structure where the reader should be able to dive into the magazine at any page and move on in any direction. 

By linking the texts through underlining the contact points (the green line), the connections and transitions are made easier for the reader to follow. This first issue deals with the topics of noise, repetitive music and techno culture. 

On the cover there is an empty space for the reader to draw their own cover, an homage to all those mindless scribbles people have done on news papers through the years. During the launch people also had the option that I drew a custom cover for them on the theme of tangents.

Made in collaboration with Sara Dunker, Måns Peterson & John Bengtsson.

Website for the index of the magazine.


Kylskapare is a celebration to fridge poetry! Making it available to those minutes of waiting before the bus arrives. The website changes your word setup and background color every time you refresh it. The project was created during a course in visual poetry and is currently only available in swedish.

The name Kylskapare comes from a play with the swedish words Kylskåp (fridge) and Skapare (creator).

Various Illustrations

Reidar Pritzel




A typeface inspired by the shape of a screw-nut and my mom.


Concept for a color application designed to make color schemes easier and more effective.


A magazine that aims to combine seemingly different music related topics by proposing how they connect with each other.


A celebration to fridge poetry. Making it available out of the kitchen.

Various Illustrations

Some of my illustrations.